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Argentina & Surrounds Multi-client Basin Analysis Report

Argentina & Surrounds Multi-client Basin Analysis Report

The Argentina & Surrounds Multi-client Basin Analysis Report provides a regional play-based evaluation of the Malvinas and surrounding basins, based on the interpretation of available open-file data. 

Utilising a multidisciplinary approach with emphasis on geology, geophysics (seismic, magnetics and gravity) and geochemistry, a considerable part of this Study is devoted to assessing two principal risks identified in this area: hydrocarbon charge and reservoir presence. 

The five principal products include: 

plate tectonic reconstructions; 

  • synchronised sequence stratigraphic framework;

  • paleogeographic atlas from the Permian to the Present;

  • geochemical atlas with regional temperature/maturity maps; and

  • play map atlas integrating plate tectonics, paleogeography and geochemical information and outlining the most prospective regions.

The study is available now. 


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