Data Library


Searcher is an independent company providing high quality mulit-client subsurface data & leading edge tech to the global energy industry.

The Searcher data library includes seismic, potential fields, multi-beam, coring and well data derived from geophysical and geological projects that we operate world wide.

Searcher’s extensive experience in the management of seismic acquisition and processing in a variety of geological settings makes us the data provider of choice for some of the largest energy companies in the world.

Featured Projects

Nova Scotia 2D Reprocessing

The Nova Scotia 2D reprocessing project comprises of over 13,000 kilometers of 2D data throughout the Scotian Shelf,...

Offshore Oman 2D Seismic Survey

Searcher has entered into a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals of Oman (“MEM”) to...

Nova Scotia 3D Reprocessing

The Nova Scotia 3D reprocessing project comprises of eight 3D volumes covering over 5,000 km2 and focusing on...