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Technical papers

The rise of Venus in Uruguay’s Pelotas Basin

GEOExPro November 2022

Sudan’s Red Sea oil

GeoExPro October 2022


Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez, Peter Hoiles, Julia Davies and George Kovacic

GEOExPro June 2022


Alaister Shakerley, Tim Rady; Larus Energy Ltd and Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez; Searcher Seismic

GEOExPro April 2022


Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriquez: Searcher; Julia Davies, Peter Hoiles: Discover Geoscience; Dr. Saleh A Al Anboori: MEM

GEOExPro March 2022

From Agua Caliente (‘Hot Water’) to Aceite Caliente! (‘Hot Oil!’)

Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriquez, Julia Davies, Lauren Found and Dennys Uyen.

Published in GEO ExPro Vol 18. Issue No. 6 Dec 2021

South Africa Poised for Exploration Greatness

Pending the result of two deepwater wells, due to be drilled in late 2021, the Orange Basin offshore South Africa is set to become the world’s next hydrocarbon exploration hotspot.
This article appeared in Vol. 18, No. 5 – 2021

Choose your spot and make it hot. How ideas turn into hotspots

Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez and Julia Davies (Discover Geoscience) set out an era of hotspots born from new ideas, data availability and discovery.

Published in First Break Volume 39 May 2021

What does it mean when Bottom Simulators are Black Swans

Author: Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson, Julia Davies (Discover Geoscience)
GEO ExPro – June 2021


Determining the geothermal gradient in an undrilled region has direct implications for basin modelling and remains one the largest areas of uncertainty in frontier basin exploration today. Bottom Simulating Reflectors (BSRs) occur at the base of a shallow gas hydrate layer in many of the worlds deep water basins and by calculating the geothermal gradient from the sea floor to base hydrate, quantitative and qualitative inference of the deeper heat flow can assist basin modellers in their work. However, BSRs do not always simulate the seabed and such deviant behaviour can lead them to be interpreted as ‘anything but’ the base of the gas hydrate. Yet such black swans suggest BSRs may be even more useful in mapping variations in heat flow and geotherm than we had previously recognised.

Behind the Hybrid Curtain

Author: Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson
GEO ExPro – May 2021


Due to scale, sample bias and a lack of necessity, ‘hybrid’ turbiditic–contouritic sedimentary systems are only just beginning to be recognized as a significant new breed of exploration targets. Both, what can be seen on seismic (contourite influence bedforms) and what is inferred from contourite activity (winnowed turbidites yielding high net-to-gross sands in reservoir targets), is proving to be an essential tool in identifying these exciting hydrocarbon trapping systems.


How Perth’s Searcher Seismic built its data-as-a-service platform

Samira Sarraf, April, 9 2020

The Paleozoic Prospectivity of the Offshore Canning Area, Australia

Amiribesheli, S. and Weller, A., 2019, Presented at AEGC2019 Data to Discovery, Perth, Australia

Dude, where’s my AVO? A case study from the Browse Basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Amiribesheli, S., McGlew, J., and Thorp, J., 2019, Presented at AEGC2019 Data to Discovery, Perth, Australia

Thoughts from the EAGE 2019: Clouds and Machines Dominate

Thorp, J., June, 14 2019

What lies beneath: Unraveling the potential of the East Palawan Basin, Philippines

Davies, K. and Weller, A., 2019, GeoExPro, vol. 16 no. 2, p. 50-54

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Offshore Canning Area in Western Australia

Amiribesheli, S. and Weller, A., 2018, GeoExPro, vol. 15, no. 6, p. 42-45

Confronting the Elephant: Dorado-1 and the Prospectivity of the Offshore Canning Area

Weller, A. and Amiribesheli, S., 2018, PESANews, no. 151, p. 57-61

A Tempting Tango in the Malvinas Basin, Argentina!

Weller, A., October, 28 2018

Confronting the Elephant: Dorado-1 and the Prospectivity of the Offshore Canning Area

Weller, A., July, 31 2018

Papua New Guinea’s Northern Basins: A Fresh Look at the Bougainville Basins

Amiribesheli, S. and Weller, A., 2018, Presented at: PESGB SEAPEX Asia Pacific E&P Conference, London, England