Searcher provides high quality exploration data and
leading edge tech to the global exploration industries.

Our data library includes seismic, potential field, multi-beam, coring and well data derived from geophysical and geological projects that we operate worldwide.

Our small teams of highly skilled individuals think outside the box and most importantly, are given the freedom to ‘go make it happen’.

Strategic partnerships with leading geophysical and geological service providers allow us to tackle any sized project, anytime, anywhere.

Each of our projects are created with one goal in mind – to provide valuable subsurface data to our clients.

We thrive on collaboration and client involvement. We are known in the industry as ‘the new ventures team, for your new ventures team’.

Looking for Data. Let's Explore...

Being technology neutral with a thorough understanding of the geological objectives allows us to act more like an energy company than a service provider, to consistently provide the most relevant and useful datasets for both regional and acreage evaluation workflows.

Explorer Hotspots


The Offshore Oman Sea lies east of obducted Oceanic crust, yet has a vast sedimentary sequence of Jurassic to recent clastics and carbonates that remains virtually unexplored. The Sohar Basin contains extraordinary geological structures and is tantalisingly prospective.

Nova Scotia

The Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board has issued a Call for Bids for eight highly prospective blocks in offshore Nova Scotia. Searcher has released several new multi-client projects offshore Nova Scotia, Canada throughout the prospective Scotian Shelf.

Searcher Intelligence