Searcher's G&G partner – Discover Geoscience are a petroleum subsurface consultancy which provides expert subsurface assistance to the global petroleum industry through its G&G team of highly experienced geoscientists.

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Discover Geoscience channel exploration using the ‘Basin Analysis Method’, a fully integrated approach from data handling and manipulation, seismic and well sequence stratigraphy  through to a full  understanding of the play, through to prospect risking and ranking.

Discover provide a peer reviewed approach throughout the exploration cycle and a full peer reviewed product at the end of a study.

At Discover we are data-driven explorers with proven onshore and offshore success. We are people-focused and build relationships that bring meaningful long term benefits to our partners.

Highly experienced – a core group of geoscientists with long term associates.

Business driven – with a modular business model we deliver tailored services.

Effective – assisting in critical corporate decision making in a timely manner.

Geology & Geophysics
Field Development
Exclusive Evaluations
& Studies
Data Management

Geoscience and beyond

Discover Geoscience offer a wide range of services from G&G projects, field development, data management and exclusive evaluations and studies.

With a multidisciplinary team, Discover Geoscience is positioned to assist in all asset evaluations for clients’ existing acreage or new ventures.

Discover can undertake a range of Field Development Studies. This allows us to offer full-cycle project evaluation from data collection, well planning to infill drilling programmes. Our expert geologists study the internal and external reservoir architecture. Reservoir geophysics is our specialty incorporating the latest techniques in rock physics, QI, seismic attributes in development and production fields, sequence stratigraphy for reservoir characterisation, DHI analysis and geostatistical modelling.

Discover Geoscience offers a range of data management services and has a very experienced data team. From data collection building, new database creation, existing database rectification and management, data QC, data conditioning, data loading and data maintenance to creating user-friendly visualisation of data, Discover Geoscience can meet every clients needs.

Discover also offer tailored studies and evaluations to the specific needs of each client and vary from basin wide to targeted block studies. Concept and lead inventories are compiled, along with play fairway maps, palaeogeographic maps, seismic facies analysis, interpretation of key horizons, volumetrics, quantitative interpretation studies, well post-mortem analysis, and well log conditioning.