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Data Acquisition

We operate a multitude of geophysical and geological data acquisition projects around the globe including 2D and 3D seismic, multi-beam and coring and airborne geophysics.

If the existing vintage data is suitable and available then we always start with that. Without a doubt this offers the highest value combined with the lowest environmental footprint and is a great way to explore.

Data Processing

With millions of 2D kilometers and hundreds of thousands of 3D square kilometers of seismic processing under our belt, it’s fair to say we have more than a little experience in this domain.

From vintage 2D land processing to state of the art broadband 3D marine and 2D/3D mineral seismic acquisition, we have the people and tech to make every project a success. Our clients trust us with their reprocessing projects.

Data Integration

Bringing together multi-disciplinary geoscience datasets is where the magic begins. Our geoscientists love to put the pieces together to unravel the subsurface.

From basin wide interpretation to prospect generation we have a wealth of experience in turning data into actionable knowledge.

Data Acquisition

We have acquisition capabilities for seismic, coring and airborne projects on a global scale. Always striving to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner our operations team ensures we adhere to industry best practice where ever we go.

Operating on behalf of Governments and clients is a responsibility we take very seriously and the favourable feedback we commonly receive is testament to our honest and transparent business practices.

Our flexible business model allows us to operate more like an energy company than a service company and we are able to utilise the partnerships and technologies required to offer industry leading solutions.

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Data Processing

We have vast experience  in reprocessing vintage data by sourcing the field tapes and support data to conduct full broadband PSTM or PSDM workflows using all available modern processing techniques.

Basin wide multi-vintage processing yields a considerable uplift in data quality at a fraction of the cost of new acquisition and often has the additional benefit of providing velocities, gathers, angle stacks and associated AVO products which may not have been produced at the time of acquisition.

Public domain 2D and 3D surveys are often small, partly overlapping datasets that vary widely in quality, character and vintage. The resulting 3D UltracubeTM and 2D SuperTieTM  projects consists of high quality reprocessed data and are a very cost effective way to significantly improve the data quality and area of effective coverage for exploration at the regional or prospect scale.

Through our partnerships with leading service providers we have the capabilities to offer land and marine 2D, 3D and 4D processing solutions to suit any geological setting.

Data Integration

Integration of our various datasets  to produce hydrocarbon prospectivity studies is something we do on a regular basis.

Our geoscientists thrive on unlocking the secrets of the subsurface and we often present our finding at the major geoscience conferences around the globe.

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