GeoClerk is a web-based platform that utilises machine learning to source industry related imagery and link back to its source documents.

What is GeoClerk?

GeoClerk unlocks a wealth of valuable, industry relevant information that was previously hidden within and around images in legacy geoscience publications. GeoClerk classifies and extracts imagery and pertinent data from unstructured documents, which is then collated in searchable and filterable geo-imagery libraries for convenient access.

A wide range of geoscience images, from maps, geosections, seismic, stratigraphy, structure maps to well logs, are collected and catalogued from websites, presentations, reports, and scanned documents. A limitless library of geoscience images is centralised onto the subscription-based platform, enabling the industry to view all published geoscience imagery in one platform.

Search through a limitless
database of oil and gas content.
Advanced algorithms turn unstructured
documents into searchable and
filterable geo-imagery libraries.
Never miss out on important
information on your area of
interest with personalised alerts.

GeoClerk Features

In the age of machine learning, GeoClerk, brings a revolutionary new search tool to the industry bringing to light decades of historic and uncategorised documents and making them readily accessible and available to all in one searchable location. Users will be able to effectively research and simplify efforts required to source industry relevant information.

Curated live database

Search through an ever growing, curated database of energy industry specific content.

ASX Integration

Easily access information on mergers and acquisitions, exploration updates, annual reports and other important news from ASX-listed companies.

Limitless library

Search across all publicly available content on the Internet via the GeoClerk online interface.

Industry Plug-ins

Institutional and government database plug-ins ready for search and download.

  • PESA Technical Library (Australia)
  • Geoscience Australia (Australia)
  • EAGE’s EarthDoc Document Library (Global/Europe)
  • NVentures Competitor Intelligence Database (Global/Europe)
  • IPA Convention Proceedings (Indonesia)
  • SEAPEX Technical Library (Asia Pacific)
  • Westwood Wildcat

Add-On Databases

  • NOPIMS Historical Permit databases (Australia)
  • WAPIMS Historical Permit databases & GSWA eBookshop databases (WA)
  • SARIG Historical Permit databases (SA)
  • DIGS Historical Permit databases (NSW)
  • GSQ Historical Permit databases (QLD)
  • GEMIS Historical Permit databases (NT)
  • GSV Historical Permit databases (VIC)
  • North Sea Transition NDR Historical Permit databases (UK)

Ingest your own content

Make unstructured G&G libraries searchable with GeoClerk’s ability to securely import and store custom libraries.

Add-On Databases

Industry Plug-ins

Subscription Options

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