Timor-Leste Second Licensing Round 2021

Timor-Leste 2nd Licensing Round is Open

On 3 October 2019, the Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, Taur Matan Ruak, announced its Second Licensing Round. Timor-Leste’s Petroleum Authority, Autoridade Nacional Do Petroleo E Minerals (ANPM), released a total of 18 new blocks for public tender of the Productions Sharing Contracts. The 18 new blocks on offer consist of 7 new blocks in the Onshore and remaining 11 new blocks in the Offshore Area.

Timor-Leste’s petroleum authorities have extended the bid submission date for the country’s current exploration licensing round by five months. Bid submissions are now due on 4 March 2022, instead of 1 October 2021, which itself was a 12-month extension from the original due date.

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Timor-Leste Data & Study Package

In collaboration with Timor-Leste’s Petroleum Authority, Autoridade Nacional Do Petroleo E Minerals (ANPM), Searcher is offering the industry an Offshore Timor-Leste Data and Study Package.

Searcher, together with Discover Geoscience (Searcher’s G&G team), are offering the industry rapid access to a comprehensive open-file seismic package which will significantly expedite our clients ability to access a collection of organized seismic and well data to assist in the evaluation of the country’s second petroleum licensing round. To further complement and leverage on the value of the subsurface database, a technical prospectivity study is available for the entire offshore bidding area, including regional geology, prospectivity ranking and potential play identification.

Timor-Leste Seismic & Well Dataset

Delivered on the work-station software of your choice, the Offshore Timor-Leste Data Package provides a comprehensive and fit-for-purpose catalogue of the country’s open-file data which includes ~102,700 kms of 2D and 22,500 km2 of 3D open-file seismic, all rectified. 109 open-file wells complement the extensive subsurface database with 85+ of those containing digital profile information. The combination of both interpreted seismic and wells provide a regionally consistent framework to evaluate the license blocks on offer.

Offshore Prospectivity Study

The Offshore Prospectivity Study provides a comprehensive regional play-based evaluation of the offshore license block areas and is based upon the interpretation contained within the Seismic Package. The study utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate all play levels of the region from the Permian to Cretaceous, with an extensive review of the under-explored Triassic potential play types. All products are delivered in GIS format.

Searcher’s Timor-Lester Data and Study Package provides a compelling opportunity for companies to gain fast access to a data-rich catalogue of highly organized regionally consistent subsurface data. The data package has been interpreted and evaluated by respected geoscientists in a completely independent third-party evaluation, enabling clients to quickly evaluate the blocks available in Timor-Leste’s second Licensing Round.

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