2020 Australian Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release

Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release

The annual Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release 2020 was announced on August 26 2020 in which 42 release areas are available for offshore oil and gas exploration. The areas available are offshore of the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria and the Ashmore and Cartier Islands. Bidding on these areas is open until Tuesday 1 June 2021.

The North West Shelf is the Australian explorer’s playground with recent discoveries having changed the perception of oil prospectivity in the region. The discoveries have reinstated that the area remains underexplored and still holds a great deal of potential. Several play zones that had been previously overlooked in the lower Triassic have now been highlighted with recent seismic acquisition and modern imaging.

The North West Shelf is Searcher’s backyard with extensive coverage and years of experience within the region. Searcher’s data library provides explorers with modern seismic and geoscience datasets that will help support them in more successful drilling programs.

The essential search engine for efficient exploration experts

GeoClerk is a web-based platform that utilises machine learning to source industry related imagery and link back to its source documents.

GeoClerk unlocks a wealth of valuable, industry relevant information that was previously hidden within and around images in legacy geoscience publications. GeoClerk classifies and extracts imagery and pertinent data from unstructured documents, which is then collated in searchable and filterable geo-imagery libraries for convenient access.

GeoClerk includes the entire EDS NOPIMS proprietary database and reports allowing you to search through its entire library, perfect for all research in anticipation of the upcoming licensing round.

Screen Australia with sAIsmic

The Australian OpenSeis 2D & 3D Seismic consists of both 2D and 3D vintage seismic data which has been rectified in a post-stack reprocessing method. Searcher has applied its proprietary OpenSeis post-stack reprocessing method to the Australian database to rectify navigation, metadata, amplitude, phase and time to create a contiguous database that can be easily loaded into any interpretation software.

The Australian wide coverage offers data in regional screening, any area of interest and right down to block sized coverage, ready in an instant.

OpenSeis Australia incorporates over 700,000 km of 2D and over 300,000 sq.km of 3D rectified open-file data.

The rectified Australian OpenSeis 2D and 3D seismic data is loaded and hosted on Searcher’s live platform, sAIsmic, for consistent and instant online access for explorers.

MGPalaeo's AUSTRALIS Well Database

Searcher has formed a strategic partnership with MGPalaeo to market its Australian wells database known as AUSTRALIS.

AUSTRALIS consists of revised and updated geological data for over 2,000 wells across the North West Shelf, Perth, and Otway basins, with additional basins to come.

The datasets incorporate standardised Biostratigraphic, Lithostratigraphic and Sequence Stratigraphic frameworks across all basins. In addition, AUSTRALIS includes Digital Logs, Checkshot & Deviation Data, Vitrinite Reflectance & Rock Eval Pyrolysis, plus Core Points.  DST & RFT Points are being added on an ongoing basis.

MGPalaeo continually and proactively review all available palynological data to improve its correlations and interpretations, and sedimentologists routinely update the database with direct observations from newly released cores, which are then used to enhance and refine AUSTRALIS.

The AUSTRALIS well database is available now and is available on demand via Searcher’s sAIsmic platform or licensed as a standalone product.

Sink your teeth into the Browse Basin with Searcher's Vampire

Approximately 7000 km of ready to interpret long-offset modern PSTM and PSDM seismic data is available, tied to 60 key wells.  The dataset provides an easily accessible regional overview of the structural and stratigraphic framework of the Browse Basin and covers much of the 2020 Australian Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release within the area.

The Vampire 2D seismic survey was designed with extensive industry input with respect to line orientation and well-tie selection.  In addition, its long offsets and acquisition parameters have addressed key problems found in legacy 2D and 3D open file datasets by providing significant uplift in data quality and superior imaging at all play levels, particularly within deeper structures across the basin.  The survey allows identification of Jurassic, Triassic and Permian structures and provides insight into potentially untapped resources.

AVO analysis has proven to be problematic with open file vintage data across the basin.  The Vampire 2D survey addresses this problem with its long offset acquisition and careful selection of processing methods and techniques. The PSDM processing provides additional uplift by accounting for complex anisotropy and ray pathing issues, especially below thick shale packages and below Cretaceous and Jurassic volcanics, allowing 3-term AVO inversion for reservoir characterization and field development.

Plan, track and review any survey, worldwide

Seisintel is a web portal product which provides live and historic survey information and vessel usage information for the marine survey industry.

Seisintel derives this information from Automated Identification System (AIS) data loads and manual database population of survey and client details.

Plan, track and review the acquisition of your own seismic surveys along with all marine activity, offshore Australia. Seisintel provides a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the global marine fleet.

Evaluate your AOI with Searcher's G&G team - Discover Geoscience

Searcher G&G – Discover Geoscience is petroleum subsurface consultancy which provides expert subsurface assistance to the global oil and gas industry through its G&G team of highly experienced geoscientists.

Discover Geoscience is able to assist in any exploration needs with a tailored service to evaluating clients acreage and new venture activities.

Discover Geoscience undertook multiple gazettal block studies for various clients over the course of last year’s bidding round. The studies were tailored to the specific needs of each client and varied from basin wide to targeted block studies. Concept and lead inventories were compiled, along with play fairway maps, palaeogeographic maps, seismic facies analysis, interpretation of key horizons, volumetrics, quantitative interpretation studies, well post-mortem analysis, and well log conditioning.